Learn to Play the Viking Way

At the Viking Bridge Club we're dedicated to sharing our love for our favorite game with everyone ... especially those of you who haven't yet discovered the wonderful world of bridge.  Whether you want to learn to play, refine your game or improve your tournament results, we have a class for you.

No matter what level, our classes are guaranteed to be fun, informative and full of friends waiting to be yours.

In addition to our current menu of classes and workshops, we offer private and semi-private lessons as requested.  Let us know if you have any questions, want to register for a current class or book a private lesson.  We're looking forward to having you join our bridge family.


Meet Our Teachers

Barbara Bauchspies is our beginner specialist.  She loves bridge and brings an abundance of southern charm to her classes. She creates a friendly, nurturing and non-threathening environment in which to learn and her students are always successful.  But be forwarned .... her enthusiasm and excitment are contagious.

Susan Miguel, our Club Manager, also happens to be one of New England's most renowned bridge teachers.  She's been bringing her unique combination of experience and humor to bridge classes for over twenty-five years.  Whether teaching a class of four or forty, she has a remarkable ability to present even the most complex concepts in a manner accessible to every student, no matter what their level of experience.  Come for the lesson, come for the laughs ... we're sure you'll enjoy the experience.





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Just for Beginners

Learn to Play
the EASYBridge! Way

If you're returning to the game
or just starting out...

      Here's the expereince for you.
      •  Learn to bid, play and defend.
      •  Strenthen your brain
      •  Make new Friends
      Day:     Wednesdays from 12:30-3:00

      Starts:  March 14

      Presenter:  Susan Miguel

      Cost:    $10/week


Developed especially for the advancing and intermediate player.  

     Jacoby 2NT
     $25 or three punches

     Splinter Bids
     $25 or three punches

Every workshop
- no matter the focus area -
helps you learn to think like a bridge player.

     We concentrate on improving your declarer play and defense while
learning the new bids!


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